Rent is always due and payable on the first of the month, this even applies on holidays. There are several ways to ensure your rent will not be late. Auto withdrawal or utilizing the Tenant Portal is the most effective method to pay your rent. Although we cannot accept cash, you can leave a cheque or money order with your resident manager, or leave postdated cheques if you do not have internet access.


Automatic withdrawal can be filled out and left with your resident manager. We need to receive notice prior to the 20th of the month in order to activate your request.

We need to receive written notice at our office prior to the 20th of the month, if you want to cancel or suspend payments for the next month. Your request can be emailed to us at manager @ or faxed to us at 204-783-8511.


Contact your resident manager to set up your move in appointment. You will complete a move in condition report, ensure your rent is paid for the next month, and collect your keys. If you are renting parking, a parking spot will also be assigned to you at that point.


Schedule the day you are moving out with your building manager prior to moving day. During the move out meeting you will complete a move out condition report and return your keys and fobs (if applicable). Be sure to leave us with a forwarding address. Your move out meeting must take place once you have completely moved out and cleaning is complete in order to ensure your security deposit will be returned. Don't forget that move outs need to be done by 3pm of your last day of tenancy. Damage deposits are returned after the 14th of the following month. Print out a copy of our Move Out Information Sheet.


Refunds of damage/pet deposits will be made payable to the people on the lease. We are unable to issue separate cheques to roommates. Cheques are MAILED out after the 14th of each month. Be sure we have your forwarding address.


For Fire or Police, dial 911.

For other emergencies, please contact your resident manager first.

If you cannot reach your Resident Manager, and the item cannot wait until morning, please call the Houston Properties Emergency line at 204-226-3034. This is a paging service and we will return your call as soon as possible. A $70.00 service charge for calls deemed a non-emergency by the Maintenance Manager will apply. Emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day many include, but are not limited to, FLOODING AND FIRE.

If you happen to LOCK YOURSELF OUT of your unit between 10pm and 9am, you can contact Brothers Locksmith at 204-774-5474 to let you in. Any charges would be your responsibility. Their general charge is $60-80.00 plus taxes. Do not attempt to break into your suite, as any damages would be costly.

Contact your resident manager for noise complaints. If for some reason you cannot contact your resident manager, and you deem it necessary, please contact the Police. If the Police are called, please request an incident number, and forward it to our office. It makes it much easier to deal with these situations.


If requested, Houston Properties will provide a tax receipt at year end. If you pay by cheque, your cancelled cheques are an acceptable form of receipt. A request can be emailed to manager @ or call our office at 204-772-0777.


Protect yourself and your belongings by purchasing tenant insurance. This should protect you against any possible liabilities. Houston Properties Insurance does not include tenant belongings unless damage is caused by Houston Properties negligence. This means that if another tenant in the building causes a flood or fire, your possessions would not be covered. As well, if for some reason you are deemed responsible for damage (example leaving a window open and the pipes freeze) you could be held responsible for both yours and any other units affected.


Tenants are allowed to have one cat in their unit, permitted Houston Properties has given their approval and received the pet deposit from the tenant. A pet deposit is a half month's rent. If pet damage is more than the amount of the deposit, further charges will apply. DOGS ARE NOT PERMITTED. Any resident or guest found in possession of a dog (even as a temporary visitor) will be subject to eviction.


All Houston Properties buildings are non-smoking buildings. Any smoking/vaping including Marijuana is not permitted. As well, in Manitoba it is illegal to grow Marijuana in your suite.


Do not tamper with smoke detectors. It is against the law and an important part of everyone's safety.

Painting by residents is NOT permitted. If you suite requires painting please contact our office.

Residents are NOT permitted to change their own locks. City of Winnipeg fire bylaws insist that the landlord have access to all units at any time.

Never open your windows for extended periods in the winter. Cold weather can easily cause your pipes to freeze and crack. This causes extensive damage and would be the responsibility of the tenant.

Plumbing leaks must be reported to Houston Properties immediately, as a little drip can quickly cause major damage.